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8 Ways HR software has changed HRM

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Technological advancements have proven as a roof for organization to shelter various HR functions. Automating attendance, payroll processing and accounting with higher accuracy rate seems to enhance the pragmatic results . Organizations tend to keep an eye on technologically advanced solutions to increase productivity and stay ahead in the present generation. HR software being one of them has amplified the capabilities of the HRM and has provided ample amount of time to focus on employees satisfaction and growth of the organization.

Let’s delve into the nitty-gritties of how the HR software has changed the HR practices in such short span of time:

Recruitment and interview 

Everything starts with an application of candidates, HR software aids in filtering the resumes as per requirements. It assists in filtering the candidates by categorizing the application on the grounds of keywords mentioned on job description. This circumvents the prerequisites of scanning the resumes manually.  

Documentation and onboarding

Storing data on spreadsheets or huge files is an ancient way which has been taken over by HR software. Web based applications bestows a secured dedicated portal to store data in an organized manner minimizing the risk of error and easy access for the HRM. Stored data is considered to be a valuable asset as it abets the analytics team to summarize reports on growth of business. It simplifies the chore for both the HRM and the analytics team. 

Payroll inputs

Web based HR solutions is designed to automate various functions. One of them being onboarding of new employees. IT team aids by generating an account which enables the employee to upload the required documents that proves the employees eligibility for the designated position. The provision to integrate applications automates the payroll which indicates the accurate amount of salary and PF amount. It notifies the payroll team about the updated tax laws and deadlines working as an umbrella to protect the organization from penalties and hammers out the probability of damaged reputation.

Attendance and leave management

Attendance and leave management demands heed as it determines the working hours, over time and even extra days. Web based solutions assist the employee to update his/her attendance and keep a check on their attendance. As missing data might create chaos within the payroll team while determining salary , especially for the employees who are paid as per the hours of service rendered to the organization.

Research and training

Enhanced technologically advanced solutions provide data related to results of previous marketing campaigns and profits gained which instigates the employees efforts, abets in managing performance reports and planning for the growth of the organization. 

This data is used to train the new employees and assist them to understand the functionalities of the organization. Web based access to data eases the approach for the employee as he/she can access data at any point of time to continue learning about the organization.

Streamlining workflow

HRM manages the workflow of an organization. As it maintains the number of employees working in a particular point of time. Number of projects being planned and executed within the organization along with the teams assigned to those projects. Web based HR solutions alleviates the rigorous means by empowering the employees to update their contribution and the development of the assigned affair. This application bears the responsibility of notifying the employee about his/her performance and mucks in with the administration to make unbiased decisions related to increment and promotions.

Statutory compliance

There are numerous companies that opt for varied web based solutions dedicated to different departments. These solutions are integrated for combined HR functions. For example, the data generated by the HR software is automatically transferred to the payroll department to determine the amount to be honored to the employee as salary for the services rendered by him/her. This even aids to generate reports that can fork out detailed reports of an employee.

Employees’ terms and policies

Web based platform empowers the employees to gain access to the HR portal with the help of login ID and password. This feature assists the employee to keep track of his/her attendance, performance, benefits and rewards bestowed by the organization to the employee. Web based solutions acknowledges the understanding of the organization policies and eligibility criteria for rewards including the procedures to claim benefits provided by the organization.

Web based solutions like the HR software in India have persuaded small to large scale industries towards an easy approach with minimized workload lowering the risk of error. These solutions have even empowered the employees to maintain their performance and sew a bridge of trust within the employee and the employer.

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