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8 Important Factors To Consider Before Choosing A Web Host

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Choosing a good web hosting provider is the first and perhaps the most important decision one needs to make to build a successful online presence. With a plethora of web hosts put there, choosing the best one can be confusing task for the beginners. So here are 8 most important factors you need to keep in kind while choosing a web host to derive maximum benefits:

1) Pricing: Pricing is the first and one of the most important factors that you need to consider while  choosing a web host. Avoid going for cheap plans as they  have limited features and hence aren’t best suited for the long run.  That said, an expensive doesn’t guarantee value for money either.  Choose the one that offers you with the diversity of selection within affordable expenses.

2) Technical Support: When choosing a host for your company it is very important to consider thequality of technical support and customer services provided. Look at the services they offer. How is the support for these services offered- live chat, mails, phone calls, or ticket system. Is it available 24×7 or just specific times in a day? Do they’ve  toll free numbers? All these are important criteria that need to be paid due attention to.

3) Software: Software is yet another important factor. Always check if their software is compatible with yours or not. Do they support your web design software? Are they willing to provide you with the online storage space and bandwidth? Does the hosting provider support Email, POP3, SMTP, IMAP, Autoresponders, Email forwarders etc? This is very vital if you have a big website which is growing rapidly. It will not be wise to buy a plan that offers only limited space.

4) Data Transfer: Go with the company that offers you with the higher data transfer allowance. There are some companies that claim to offer an unlimited data allowance which is not entirely true. So be sure that you read the terms and the conditions of the companies carefully. For a small to medium sized business website, 5-10 gigabytes bandwidth is enough.

5) Reputation: The reputation of the company is important to consider while choosing a web host. Watch the online space, there are a lot of forums  where you can find active discussions and critique of most hosting companies. Are there too many negative feedbacks for the web host you’re considering to opt for? If yes, you can give it a skip.

6) Server Space: Again, like the server space and data allowance, there are companies that will offer you with loads of email accounts that you will hardly ever use. ‘Unlimited accounts’ is the only selling point of these companies.  If you have a large organization with  thousands of employees working under you, such offers might be beneficial for you. But if you’re an SMB, ten to fifteen email accounts should do the job.

7) Mailing Script: Regardless of the type of online business you have,  you will require installation of CGI script. Whether it is a contract through processor, management mailing script or any other fancy credit card script, your hosting account needs to have them installed to run properly. These  scripts make sure that the performance of the server is never affected.

8) Features: Features are something that can break or make your website. Always have a look at the different add-ons a company is offering. Do they offer an option of adding cart to the site, integration of social media, website builder tools, SSL certificate, mobile website builder etc?

Wrapping things up:
After taking into consideration all the factors listed above, take your time searching for a web host. It is a one time thing as transferring a site from one host to another is a very cumbersome process. You’ll be with the company you choose for at least a year, so make sure that you make a wise decision.

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