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6 Productivity Hacks for Call Center Supervisors

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Call centers are chaotic environments. Agents and supervisors toil away each day to meet the customers and clients’ demands on time. With little recognition for each role, it is important to have a good leadership who can keep the morals high and drive success. A good supervisor isn’t created overnight. He or she comes with diligent experience, knowledge and humility. However, with a rapidly evolving industry, it is also important to support your supervisors with sufficient technology and data. Without technology or data, the productivity of any call center will come to a decline.

A dependable call center supervisors are key to maintaining productivity and success in a call center. Here’s a compilation of six important hacks for supervisors to follow in the hustle-bustle of the call center.

1 Acquire Feedback From Your Agent

Agents are involved in most processes in the contact center. Interactions with customers in analyzing customer’s emotions, they are the first-hand source of all information. Not only just customers, but agents are also aware of how efficient is the workforce. Being at the center of all these processes, the agent can inform you about customer pain-points, employee hurdles, competitive trends and what not. This data is in-house and authentic and cannot be replaced with surveys and analytics. Hence, make it a practice to host feedback sessions with your agents and implement new changes around it.

2 Monitor Call Activities

In Real-Time Most supervisors check their call metrics at the end of the day and evaluate them for the next day. While this is effective, there is a better way to enhance your call center productivity. Monitoring calls in real-time, allows you to evaluate customer intent, product flaws, agent performance and more.

As a supervisor, you can also use real-time queue viewing to establish routing patterns, rearrange your workforce and make more informed decisions. All these micro-decisions really create an impact on your customer service and employee management quality.

3 Regularly Track Your Call Center Metrics

Contact centers are now equipped with heaps of information. Most of the contact center solution offers essential insights and key metrics which can help you to attain your KPIs. A good call center supervisor will always track these metrics, evaluate and leverage them for better results.

It is important for contact centers to reach their targeted KPIs. Some of the key metrics are:

  1. First Call Resolution Rate 
  2. Customer Satisfaction Score 
  3. Average Handling Time 
  4. Agent Engagement Score

Success cannot be achieved without measuring your performance. Keeping that in mind, all supervisors must use these primary metrics to make immediate decisions and improve for the future.

4 Lead with Example By Handling Calls Once In A While

A supervisor shouldn’t be like an empty can. It is always a best practice to lead by example. Get real with your agents by handling calls once in a while. It can be a great learning experience and nevertheless, your agents will trust your insights and advice more. There is a chance that the call might not go as planned and you fail in front of your employees, which again is another real-life example of how it can go on the job. Hence, never shy away from such practices.

5 Deploy Call Whispering To Help Struggling Agents

Advising your agents is not always enough. Sometimes they need your assistance in real-time. Deploy call whispering solution, which allows you to speak to your agents while they are on a call with customers. Through this solution, you can guide and assist your agents whenever they face a tough situation with customers. The customer is obviously oblivious to these whispers.

Call whispering does help in hand-holding new agents through customer conversations. Apart from that, it also reduces the risk of losing customers who are being managed by amateur agents.

6 Invest In Employee Centric Technologies and Practices

Dealing with anxious customers is a tedious task for agents. However, that being the job, it can be made employee-centric with gamification and technology. There is decent advocacy for the use of autodialers in contact centers, to eradicate manual dialing. Autodialers are a brilliant solution for weeding out dead leads, busy numbers, and unanswered calls. It relieves the agent from wasting time on non-responsive numbers.

Agents can also be incentivized through recognition and entertainment. From offering gift vouchers to hosting fun-learning sessions, there’s a lot that a supervisor can do to uplift their productivity. A good supervisor knows that happy agents beget happy customers.


Call center supervisors need to be on top of all the operations. They have to help their agents, assist with tickets, impart insights, improve customer service and maintain the budget limit. Ticking all the boxes become extremely hard without proper solutions. Versatile tools like autodialers, call analytics or even call whispering, enhance the operational efficiency of the call centers. These solutions can well-integrate and offer a competitive advantage over your competitors.

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