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50% of employees use apps and software not approved by the enterprise: Igloo report

State of the Digital Workplace

Employees are confident about the security of the tools and systems implemented by their companies. But their behavior is risky when it comes to sharing confidential information. As per a recent report by Igloo, 69% of employees use email for storing or sharing confidential information.

Igloo, a leading provider of intranet software & digital workplace solutions, surveyed over 2,000 individuals at companies with 250+ employees. In the report titled “2019 State of the Digital Workplace”, the company said that push for the digital transformation in the enterprise is rapidly accelerating.

Below are the key findings of Igloo’s 2019 State of the Digital Workplace report:

  • Remote employees feel left out because of traditional technologies

Today, the remote working culture is trending as more and more companies allow employees to work from outside the office. But the remote workers face several challenges.

As per the report, 69% of remote workers said that they faced challenges which aren’t faced by the employees who work from the office.

They feel missing out on information (56%), being excluded from meetings (54%), and struggling to access important documents (43%).

These challenges can be solved by adopting a modern and digital workplace.

  • Knowledge-sharing and collaboration practices remain risky

91% of employees are confident about the collaboration tools provided by the company that they would allow only authorized individuals. However, their behavior is risky when it comes to sharing confidential data. 69% of them use emails to store or share that data, 45% use shared document drives, and 38% use intranet. Only 14% of employees use secure FTP.

50% of employees use apps that aren’t approved by the enterprise. Of them, 55% use non-approved apps to avoid being tracked by the company, while 62% use these for ease of use.

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  • Majority of intranet solutions aren’t meeting collaboration needs

80% of employees said that they use the intranet, majorly for communication, collaboration, and information sharing. However, respondents said that they found it difficult to find the resources that allow them to do so.

A lot of them reported difficulty in finding the right documents. 43% said that they chose to avoid sharing a document with a colleague because they found it difficult to find the document.

To download the full “2019 State of the Digital Workplace” report, click here.

Images source: Igloo

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