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5 Tips for Juggling Back to Office

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The remote working module has stayed for quite a while, two years to be precise. The data has determined that the performance curve has witnessed an ascending rise with time. Employees have excelled while functioning from the comfort of their homes. However, with time organizations have considered reviving the office culture. It is inevitable to return to the ancient working culture, but the hybrid module of work has introduced a healthy pathway to resume working from the office premises. 

It goes without saying that leaving the comfortable couch to be in office premises is a challenge. As they have adjusted themselves to the comfortable premises, getting them back in pants will be a challenge. 


Let’s discuss a few such tips that can assists in smooth juggling from home to office:


Take stock of past wins and shortfalls

The beginning of the remote module of work was on an uncertain note. With the sudden rise in the covid-19 cases, there was no space to plan such a working environment. But to resume work in the office, it’s another story altogether. It was inevitable that the employees would return to office premises. The HR team had an adequate amount of time to plan to resume work within the working environment. The HR team can potentially plan and execute “baby steps” to ensure smooth resumption of work. The initial step is to track the wins and losses. These are a few such questions that can help in planning the resumption of work:

  • The obstacles faced during the transition
  • Were the resources utilized up to the mark?
  • Were meetings fruitful?
  • How did the employee maintain a balance in homework and extracurricular activities?
  • How did the employee fit the working hours within the week while working from home?


Stop wiggling it and make a strategy

Any set-up that is not strategically planned demotivates the employees as it dishevels the schedule planned for the week. Wiggling from office to home set up is not a solution.

It is often witnessed that the employer has started to ask employees to resume working from the office. Under government instructions, the employees have started to resume work with 50 % capacity. The HR team can plan in accordance with a hybrid module with the assistance of HR software. As it cannot be avoided that the remote module has ascended the performance curve. The hybrid module of work will introduce a new working environment wherein the employee is aware of the time zone he/she needs to work from the office and the days he/she can function from the comfort of home. 

In such a setup the employee can easily tackle the work pressure and strategically plan the forty hours of work ahead of the week. 


Be flexible

Flexibility has come along with the remote setup of work. The transition of employees from office to couch has taken the employees out of their formal wear. This is when the employee has attained the ascending curve while functioning remotely. The HR team needs to consider the fact that the long-reigning remote setup has made the employees work at their own pace. A sudden pressure might pressurize them resulting in an uneven curve of work. The strategy should include a space spot for the employees to hold track of such an environment. 


It’s okay to make a slow progress

This is for the employers. There might be competing companies that might trigger the employer. It is imperative to realize that “it’s okay to be slow”. Slow progress does not mean that the organization has failed in its strategy. It is in fact a beneficial way to begin with. Such a pace will suffice the team with time for a slow transition from home to office. The employees won’t feel the pressure resulting in a consistent performance curve. The features offered by HR software in India can help in achieving progress.

These are a few steps that can assist in framing a well-braided module for hybrid culture within the office. Having said that, there is one key link that plays an imperative role. It can be a game-changer. That is communication. Without communication, these steps might not be as fruitful as expected. This is how an employer can set up a healthy juggle from remote to office.