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5 Reasons to Choose an SMS Gateway as Your Communications Platform

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Managing your internal and external communications is often a challenging task. From employees to customers and potential leads, shuffling through many different conversations can be time-consuming and difficult. An SMS Gateway can prevent such issues by bringing a direct, secure and universal communications channel for your business.

An SMS Gateway provider enables companies to send and receive messages via a computer. Businesses can capitalise on SMS messages’ 98% open rate by routing these messages into mobile phone networks. However, the advantages don’t just end here. Here are five reasons why your business must choose an SMS Gateway as its communications platform:

1. Reliability

Now over 25 years old, SMS is one of the most authentic communication channels in the world. Email and web ads continue to cope with spam filters and ad-blocking. At the same time, SMS remains an uninterrupted and steady platform to interact with stakeholders. SMS is also a reliable way to generate a genuine two-way conversation. As a result, text message response rates sit eight times higher than email. This gives you peace of mind that your messages will help foster a relationship with customers.

2. Speed

Delivering messages to your customers is one thing. But it would be best if you did so in a fast and timely manner. Receivers read 90% of SMS messages within the first three minutes of being delivered. This guarantees that your messages are understood when you need them to be. SMS Gateway also makes composing and sending messages a convenient task.

3. Integration

Each business uses different software and different processes. Fortunately, SMS Gateways can be integrated into these programs through SMS API integration. This allows businesses to introduce SMS into existing CRM tools and infrastructure seamlessly. 

4. Cost-Effective

Advertising and different forms of consumer communications are usually very costly in today’s competitive marketing environment. But notwithstanding these numbers, your business communications don’t have to charge you an arm and more. With an online SMS platform, you can transmit text messages at a very reasonable cost. These rates are a lot less than the usual prices given by providers. Reaching out through an SMS Gateway also delivers a significant return on investment (ROI). In addition, SMS messages boast an exceptional click-through rate of 36%. This makes SMS an ideal tool to combine with your website, increase engagement and provide news or updates.

5. Universal Platform

One of the main reasons SMS is so effective is because of the widespread accessibility of mobile phones. Currently, there are 5.1 billion mobile users around the world, with penetration at an all-time high. Popular instant messaging services such as WhatsApp, Facebook Messenger, Hike, and WeChat could be blocked in many countries. This makes a Bulk SMS Gateway the absolute resolution for connecting with clients through their mobile phones. SMS services are likewise available on all mobile devices regardless of age or features.

Final Thoughts

Businesses need to make the most of their communication channels.  An SMS Gateway provider  offers a perfect way to execute this. With high accessibility and lower costs, SMS is the most dynamic way to stay in touch with your employees and customers.