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Why 451 Research’s ‘Hosting and Cloud Transformation Summit 2017’ is the most sought after industry event?

Why 451 Research’s ‘Hosting and Cloud Transformation Summit 2017’ is the most sought after industry event?

There’s a lot of buzz in the hosting and cloud industry for the biggest B2B event – The Hosting & Cloud Transformation Summit 2017 (HCTS), that will be held from September 18 to 20, 2017 at Bellagio Resort & Hotel, Las Vegas. The event will witness the largest gathering of corporate leaders, IT practitioners, industry visionaries and financial professionals.

The august gathering will be discussing about the digital future being brought forth by the advanced innovative technologies like cloud, IoT and the huge opportunities that this digital transformation wave is bringing in for the Cloud Operators, Managed Service Providers, Hosters and Datacenter Owners.

The three-day event, for which the registrations are filling up fast, will witness the industry powerhouses – 451 Research analysts and industry experts, talk about the latest hosting and cloud industry trends. The attendees will be able to get insights into powerful, practical and effective IT rollout strategies and how their implementation can lead the companies towards a successful digital future.

The list of speakers includes the names of 451 Research’s best analysts and research directors with an expertise in datacenter technology and IoT (Internet of Things) framework.

In the beautiful ambience of Bellagio hotel with a Mediterranean – blue lake facing view, the event will be an outstanding blend of knowledge, networking, and fun. Apart from the event, while in Las Vegas and at the Bellagio, one can enjoy the dance, music, and acrobatics with “O” by Cirque du Soleil aquatic theatre in a Parisian-Style Opera house.

HCTS have some elite sponsors for the event who are the established experts in their fields like Western Digital – the diamond sponsor and DH Capital – the platinum sponsor. The gold sponsors include leading companies like Bank Street, Deutsche Bank, OnApp, Red Hat and more.

The event registration is now open for all interested members of the hosting and cloud industry. They can get themselves registered here. For the convenience of the members, the registration has been divided into – Enterprise end users (Complimentary), Service Providers ($1199), General Attendance – 451 Research client ($2095) and Non – client general attendance ($2895).

The organizers have even discounted room rate with the Bellagio, interested members can apply through a direct link (available on the event’s official website) until August 14, 2017.

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