Cognitive systems

AI and cognitive computing – spearheading enterprise digital transformation

Artificial Intelligence, robotics and machine learning concepts are changing the parameters of data extraction and analysis. With the onset of digital transformation, there’s a great need to process huge volumes of data into useful insights. But with traditional data analytic methods, businesses are not be able to process the entire data, especially that which is in the form of images, videos, and human voice, collectively known as ‘dark data’. To process such kind of data, organizations need cognitive computing. Originally, the concept of cognitive computing comes from cognitive science which include study of human brain and how it works. Cognitive computing aims to stimulate the human thought processing in a computerized way. It achieves that with the help of various se...

AI and cognitive systems to play a major role in digital transformation

Widespread adoption of cognitive systems and artificial intelligence (AI) across a broad range of industries will drive worldwide revenues from nearly $8.0 billion in 2016 to more than $47 billion in 2020 – IDC. Artificial Intelligence (AI) and cognitive systems are impacting a huge number of industries. A study commissioned by IDC predicts a compound annual growth rate (CAGR) of 55.1% for the cognitive/AI solutions markets over the 2016-2020 forecast period. Software developers and end user organizations have already begun the process of embedding and deploying cognitive/artificial intelligence into almost every kind of enterprise application or process – David Schubmehl, Research Director, (Cognitive Systems and Content Analytics) IDC said. He further added, “Recent announcem...

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