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WHMCS’s add-on tool to ease Project Management

WHMCS, one of the major client management, billing and support solution for online businesses has introduced a new add-on tool for project management.

The Project Management add-on for WHMCS is a tool designed to help organize jobs and tasks, allowing one to tie support tickets and invoices with to-do Items to create Projects.

The tool aims at connecting everything together via a single interface, avoiding unnecessary and time consuming duplication to third party systems, and allowing staff to privately communicate and track internal discussions, share files, and track for time spent on individual tasks.

With this feature, creating projects will be easy, requiring only a title and a due date. Projects can also be created right from within a support ticket

By specify due dates for projects, top priority projects could be seen instantly. Also, the look and colors of this project management feature are customizable via the included CSS files, with a developer license option also available

With this add-on, WHMCS will automatically track and display the status of all invoices relating to projects, including custom created ones.

Amongst various admirable features of this PM add-on, Time Tracking is a very useful one. In this, Time can be logged against tasks, tracked automatically with a start & stop timer on a per admin basis. Fine grained permission controls facilitates to allow/deny access to each action on a per admin role group basis.

A private ‘Staff Messageboard’ is also there for each project to allow communication between staff and tracking of notes/updates. The ‘Reports’ feature allows to review projects, time worked, and other statistical information.

More on WHMCS Project Management add-on could be found on.



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