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Webair wins the DailyHostNews Cloud Services Editor’s Choice Award

Webair wins the DailyHostNews Cloud Services Editor’s Choice Award

Webair, a hosting services provider has been announced as winner of DailyHostNews’ Editor’s Choice Award for it’s excellence in Cloud Services.  Given after a thorough evaluation of Webair’s services on various parameters, including, but not limited to representation of services in terms of ease of use for the end term user, services’ position as global market innovator, unique implementation features, scalability, speed, value for money, reliability, customer support and  quality of online assistance resources; this Award recognizes the fact that  Webair’s cloud services are  most distinctive in  features and market appeal.

Webair wins the DailyHostNews Cloud Services Editor's Choice AwardFounded in 1996, Webair provides viable and affordable  Web hosting solutions for companies by providing software, bandwidth and management tools needed to run a broad range of  web hosted applications – from Internet to enterprise server solutions. It’s Cloud Server Solutions come with various resources like  CPU, memory, network bandwidth, IOps etc. with all the single points of failure eliminated. What’s particularly impressive is the fact that Webair has cloud hosting infrastructure backed by Fusion ioMemory and provides 10,000 IOP/s per instance, which is 100 times the IOP/s performance of other solutions. This gives clients the ability to convert even the most powerful physical servers to a cloud environment; and also  puts  Webair’s  support resource intensive applications like database servers, data analytics and industrial content delivery products in an all together different league, guaranteeing excellent value for money.

Fully compatible with Linux, Windows, and BSD operating systems as either Managed or Self managed plans, Webair FusionCloud servers can be quickly upgraded to 8 CPUs, 144GB of memory, 10TB of Cloud Storage, and are available from $249/m. Another  great feature about  Webair’s  Cloud services is that if any of the  base plan doesn’t fit a customer’s needs 100%, he/she can  can customize it too to meet his/her needs.

Out of the three 24*7 customer support mediums provided- Support Tickets, Phone calls and live chat support, editors at DHN preferred the ‘Support Ticket’ method as it ensures faster tracking and monitoring of issues thereby providing quick and efficient support.  Other points of contact such as email, phone and live chat were also  met with great response and resolution times and DHN found Webair’s technical support team incredibly knowledgeable, informative, helpful and  friendly. Webair’s online knowledgebase is detailed, efficient and successfully helps sort out some of the most frequently faced problems by customers.

 Webair wins the DailyHostNews Cloud Services Editor's Choice Award

Scoring high on trust and reliability parameter, Webair currently provides an 100% uptime guarantee with an option of submitting a cancellation request and getting full refund within the first 30 days of ordering if customers  aren’t satisfied with the provided services.

In addition to offering web hosting, Webair offers domain registration, website design, social media solutions, eCommerce solutions, custom programming and SEO services.

Final Verdict: Webair scores an overall “A” grade after being judged on a broad range of  parameters listed above. A reliable and dependable hosting solutions provider with 15+ years of industry experience, Webair is a clear front-runner when it comes to choosing high-speed cloud servers; and delivers nothing short of best in class services.

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