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Ubiquity unveils Cloud Services; Launches SSD powered Cloud Servers

Ubiquity unveils Cloud Services;  Launches SSD powered Cloud Servers

Web Hosting provider Ubiquity Servers yesterday announced the  launch of  its SSD-Powered Cloud servers starting at $6/m. Backed up with an enterprise level SLA,  the cloud is designed to be fully redundant ensuring no loss of service in case of  hardware failure. Powered by 100% Intel 520 series SSDs,  Ubiquity’s cloud services utilize a  distributed file system to massively cut costs down while maintaining high performance and reliability. In an interview with DailyHostNews a few months back,   Mr. Daniel Haim, Director of Marketing and Mr. Clint Chapman, CO-CEO, Ubiquity Server Solutions did mention their plans to introduce cloud services at the end of Q1.

Ubiquity's New SSD-Powered Cloud server

Ubiquity cloud is providing configurable data backups at $0.05 per GB which are  stored separate from it’s redundant distributed storage system and can be restored at any time . Other features of Ubiquity Cloud are:

  • Additional Bandwidth at $0.02  per GB of usage beyond an instance’s reserved bandwidth allocation.
  • Additional IP addresses can be added to  cloud instance for $5 per month per additional address with proper justification.
  • Ability to create a custom Cloud instance based on a currently-configured instance.
  • 100%  uptime SLA.

Ubiquity has also announced that it is currently in  final development phases of its API, which will provide users the ability to  create, modify and delete new Cloud instances and every single function  that they can currently do from its Motion control panel.

Payment options currently accepted are Visa, Mastercard, American Express, Discover, and PayPal. More information can be found here. Earlier this year Ubiquity also deployed Peakflow SP, and  launched year-long server giveaway for Online Start-ups.

About Ubiquity Servers:
Founded in 2004, Ubiquity Servers is a leading hosting provider of dedicated servers, cloud hosting, and co-location services. They provide  services from 7 convenient Data Center locations throughout the United States and Canada. For more information, visit: .

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