Zurmo CRM

“As programmers we make stuff which touches lives of so many others”-Pulkit Gupta, Softaculous

Entrepreneurship has no bar on age, but nevertheless its surprising to see some youngsters making it big as entrepreneurs. In the age where most youngsters choose a conventionally safe career path, its fascinating to find people who take first steps down new roads, having complete belief in their vision. Building an Auto Installer from scratch might’ve seemed ill-fated in an industry with big players like Fantastico and Installatron. But that didn’t stop Pulkit Gupta. Born with a silver spoon, Pulkit the teenager could’ve easily followed footsteps of his father, a textile industrialist; but then the world wouldn’t have got a product that single-handedly altered the way auto-installer market worked- Softaculous. We were lucky to bag an interview with this great guy, ...

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