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An Infographic: How Secure is Your Website When Compared to Your PC?

Internet usage and web security go hand in hand. With the exponential growth of Internet traffic over the last decade, online security threats have grown by leaps and bounds too, and the recent flurry of WordPress attacks is a testament to it. The number of online accounts that get compromised on a daily basis clearly indicate that a great majority of  website owners isn’t particularly cautious about their website’s  security. Web Hosting provider HeartInternet recently conducted a research among small business website owners and home PC users to determine whether people take their website security as seriously as their PC security. Predictably, the answer is no! The survey reveals that only 65% small business website owners have anti-virus software installed on their computers...

Importance of Website Security and Gaining Customer Trust through SSL Certificates

If there’s one major invention that can serve as a hallmark of technological innovation in the 21st century, it has to be the Internet. An absolute necessity, it’s a major part of day-to- day life of more than 73% of the adults today. And why not? It makes their life easier and more fluid. Working, shopping,banking, pursuing personal interests, healthcare,  guidance,  entertainment- you name it, any and everything can be done online today. But, as the number of ways in which internet makes life easier are increasing day by day, so are  online scams and frauds . There are various malicious individuals, who go through great pains for snooping your website to find weak areas or ‘loop holes’ which they can use to gain access to it. Once they gain access to your website,...

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