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Cloud Software Solution provider HybridCluster Completes $1m Fundraising; Launches HybridCluster 2.0

With this investment in the company we are now able to launch Hybrid Cluster 2.0 and compete effectively in the hosting market across Europe and North America. – Luke Marsden, CEO, HybridCluster. Cloud Software Solution provider HybridCluster made two major announcements today. It has completed $1 millions  fundraising and launched HybridCluster 2.0, an integrated suite of storage, replication and web clustering software. The new version is now available  to cloud and web hosting service providers for a free trial. Interested users can click here to sign up. The $1 million funding round was backed by investors including  Jason Seats, Former VP of Engineering, Rackspace Cloud,  Charles Grimsdale Former CEO & founder,  OD2, Anil Hansjee Former Head of Corporate Development, Google EMEA a...

Jelastic Platform Supports New Billing System – Parallels Business Automation Standard

Jelastic, Inc., the creators of an ultra-scalable and interoperable Java hosting platform for cloud applications, announced support for the Parallels Business Automation Standard (PBAS), a fully integrated billing and hosting automation system for managing and scaling small and medium-size web hosting businesses. In addition to PBAS, Jelastic supports the Parallels Automation service delivery system (PA), which is aimed at larger providers, and can be integrated with any other billing system. Jelastic (Java Elastic Cloud) is a next-generation platform for hosting Java applications in the Cloud. Its technology and innovation was recognized by Oracle with a Duke´s Choice Award (the highest honor in the Java world) at JavaOne (the world´s largest Java event). Jelastic enables its users to dep...

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