Increasing cyber-attacks – are we heading towards cyber doom?

The recent Petya ransomware tragedy that struck the computer systems worldwide, is the second largest cyber-attack after the WannaCry Ransomware that had hit the world last month. The recent attack hit many countries, locking up the PCs and crippling enterprise-services. Ukraine and Russia were identified among the worst affected countries. Based on the findings of security firm Kaspersky, the ransomware could possibly be a variant of Petya.D, Petya.A, or PetrWrap. Though it widely affected the systems just like WannaCry, but it is not its variant. The Petya ransomware locks a computer’s files with a message and demands a ransom in lieu. The attack reportedly started through an update that was used on a third-party Ukraine software, known as MeDoc. The software was used by many organizatio...

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