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An Interview With Mr. Emil Sayegh, President and CEO Of Codero

DailyHostNews had an opportunity to have a word with Emil Sayegh, President and CEO of Codero on Smart Servers, Company’s newly launched powerful hosting platform. Have a look what all he has to say about Smart Servers . Q : What is your name and position in Codero ? A : Emil Sayegh; President and CEO. Profiles here: and Q : Tell us in brief about the Smart Servers ? A: Codero Smart Servers are an innovative and powerful hosting platform that naturally merges the best capabilities of dedicated server and cloud computing technologies. The great thing about Smart Servers is that they give customers complete control over their dedicated server environment, while enabling them to deploy dedicated server ...

Codero Launches Smart Servers Hosting

[DAILYHOSTNEWS] July 20,212 Codero, web hosting provider, made an announcement on Thursday launching its Smart Servers hosting solutions that integrates the features of dedicated servers and cloud computing technologies. As per Codero’s press release, Smart Servers will continue to give customers complete control over their dedicated server environment, including CPU cycles, memory, and storage capacity. However with Smart Servers, dedicated server resources can be deployed automatically in minutes, with a single click, as opposed to hours or days. Access to on-demand, dedicated server resources gives customers ultimate flexibility while automated, rapid deployment eliminates cumbersome migration efforts that can slow down business growth in a traditional dedicated hosting environment. The...

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