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Savvis Launches Cloud Data Center Services Built on vCloud Director 5.1

Cloud infrastructure and hosted IT solutions provider Savvis has launched  Savvis Cloud Data Center, a virtual data center service built on VMware vCloud Director 5.1 and Cisco’s Unified Data Center technologies. Some of the key features of Savvis Cloud Data Center are: 1] It uses VMware’s vCloud Director 5.1 cloud stack on top of infrastructure from Cisco, Intel and Dell to simplify infrastructure provisioning and enables IT to move at the speed of business. 2] It deploys  VMware’s  Linked Clone technology, enabling  end users are able to rapidly clone base vApps into children vApps by only storing changes made by children and reading all other data from the base. This enables significant storage savings for IT and acceleration for end users who have highly cloned applications. 3] E...

VMware Cloud IaaS provider Bit Refinery Launches a New Cloud Solution- vDev

Cloud infrastructure as a service provider Bit Refinery  today launched a new cloud solution – vDev™. The news comes two weeks after Bit Refinery launched it’s Disaster-Recovery-as-a-Service. With vDev™, companies can test applications and software in a full-feature VMware development environment swiftly and cost-effectively before deploying to Bit Refinery’s enterprise production platform.  Some other features of the new solution are: vCloud Director®. Public and private IP space. Layer 2 VPN connectivity. Snapshots with test-grade infrastructure. “Oftentimes, we have customers that need an environment to develop their products or need a non-production environment because what they are hosting isn’t mission critical,” said Brandon Hieb, Managing Partner, Bit Refinery. ‘With vD...

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