UC6 Meter for Amazon

6fusion Launches The UC6 Meter for Amazon; Enables Cost Comparison of AWS Against Other Providers

6fusion today released  UC6 Meter for Amazon to open beta enabling customers to quantify and compare resource utilization and costs in Amazon Web Services (AWS) to any other public and private IT infrastructure. The ability to normalize metering for Amazon is the basis for Amazon users to create an apples-to-apples comparison with other infrastructure suppliers for the first time. 6fusion allows all suppliers to compete openly on a clear price-to-value ratio. – Rob Bissett, SVP Product Management, 6fusion. Some of the key features of the UC6 Meter for Amazon are: It  leverages 6fusion’s Workload Allocation Cube (WAC) as a normalizing metric. It is built on 6fusion’s Open Market Framework and  utilizes the flexible architecture designed to separate the infrastructure layer from 6fusion’s me...

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