ubiquity severs solution server giveaway

An Interview with Mr. Clint Chapman, CO-CEO & Mr. Daniel Haim, DOM, Ubiquity Server Solutions

What’s not to like about a well-established giant that gives opportunities to startups? And, to add to that, while choosing the right start-up, looks out for only one quality-Passion-the quality which led to the genesis of their own company! Ubiquity Sever Solutions, very recently, announced a year long server giveaway for budding online businesses. As soon as we covered the news, we had a plethora of questions to ask , and we reached out to Mr. Daniel Haim, Director of Marketing, Ubiquity Server Solutions. Not only did he oblige us, but also got us a Double Interview with him and Mr. Clint Chapman, CO-CEO, Ubiquity Server Solutions. Read away. Caution: The energy that oozes out when these two men talk about their company, server giveaway program and upcoming launches is contagious. ...

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