SQL Server

Microsoft launches SQL Server 2017 with Linux and Docker support

Microsoft, at its Ignite Conference, announced the general availability of SQL Server 2017, now with support for Linux and Docker. The SQL Server 2017 has come only 15 months or so after the launch of SQL Server 2016.

Microsoft Azure’s confidential computing to offer first of its kind data security capabilities

Microsoft has been spending over one billion dollars per year on cybersecurity to make Azure the most trusted cloud platform. Taking a step further in Azure’s data security abilities, Microsoft has now introduced Azure confidential computing, a collection of services and features that offers a protection missing from public clouds – encryption of data while being used. Azure confidential computing will allow applications running on Azure to keep data encrypted not only when it’s at rest or in transit, but also when it’s being computed on in-memory. It will keep data secure even from Microsoft’s administrators, hackers, and government warrants. The data is protected inside a Trusted Execution Environment (TEE), also called enclave. None of the data or operations inside can be viewed f...

Microsoft and Red Hat unite to help enterprises adopt containers easily for enhanced cloud experience

Microsoft and Red Hat announced a partnership recently which focuses on Red hat’s OpenShift container platform supporting Windows Server containers – a container technology of Microsoft, used for operating Windows applications in containers. This includes Red Hat OpenShift Dedicated on Microsoft Azure, Windows Server containers on Red Hat OpenShift and SQL Server on Red Hat Enterprise Linux and Red Hat OpenShift. With the move, the companies joint focus will be to help enterprises get better agility and drive digital transformation with hybrid cloud. This will enable more and more enterprises to lift their workloads from Windows server and take them to containers to modernize their development workflows. “Alongside Microsoft, Red Hat is providing a way for organizations to make techn...

DailyHostNews Announces BigRock as Winner of the March 2013 Editors’ Choice Award

DailyHostNews announces BigRock web hosting, a provider of Domain Services, Web Hosting Services, E-Mail Hosting Services, Website Builder Solutions, and SSL Certificates as winner of it’s March 2013 Editor’s Choice Award. Given an overall “A” grade  after a thorough evaluation of aforementioned services on various parameters, including, but not limited to representation of services in terms of ease of use for the end term user, services’ position as global market innovator, unique implementation features, scalability, speed, value for money, reliability, customer support and  quality of online assistance resources; this Award recognizes the fact that  BigRock’s services  have top-shelf  features and a market appeal second to none. A full Internet services company, BigRock  offers shared w...

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