SingleHop Interview

“Tandem Comes With a Lot of Perks That Most Reseller Programs Don’t” – Dan Ushman, SingleHop

There is a lot to like about hosted IT infrastructure and Cloud computing provider SingleHop. Everything about the company – be it their extremely transparent SLA, automated deployment system, proprietary control panel LEAP, white-label partner programs, or the extensive detail in which the customer service & tech support system is listed on their website with multiple guarantees about the quality of services – is assured, innovative and fresh. We talked to Dan Ushman, Co-founder and CMO, SingleHop, about some new developments at the company this year (EU Data Center, Enterprise Private Cloud), LEAP, Tandem and the much known ‘Bill of Rights’ SLA. The idea behind LEAP is that you can deploy and manage any kind of infrastructure in any data center anytime through...

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