Google Firebase releases Cloud Firestore, a NoSQL document database for developers

Google Firebase has recently launched a fully-managed NoSQL document database called Cloud Firestore, designed to offer high performance plus offline access for mobile and web app development.

Softaculous 4.2.7 Released with Automated Backups Feature and a Few Bug Fixes

Softaculous  today announced the release of Softaculous 4.2.7.  The news comes three months after the release of Softaculous 4.2.2, which came with   Auto upgrade feature, Password Strength Checker etc. Softaculous 4.2.7  comes with Automated Backups of installations and a few bug fixes. Some of the key changes are: Automated Backups : Users can now choose from the install form/edit installation page to take automated backups (i.e. Daily, Weekly, Monthly). Admins can now choose to prepend a prefix for Admin Username field for their endusers on the script install form. All scripts requirements can be checked from the Softaculous Admin panel to determine which scripts might not work on the server. Added settings in Softaculous Admin panel to individually disable New installation, Remove inst...

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