eleven2 Upgrades Dedicated Server Range With RAID Protection, Backups and more

Web hosting provider eleven2 today announced that it has upgraded its entire dedicated server range. The news comes a few days after eleven2 announced its plans to launch a secondary VPS location in Europe. In an email conversation with Daily Host News today, Jon Eichler, VP Systems & Development, eleven2, said “We have upgraded all the CPUs on our dedicated server range to current generation. We have also made changes to ensure even our entry-level customers have RAID  protection.” “At eleven2, we take data integrity very seriously, and have gone the extra mile to ensure all of our dedicated server offerings are covered by both RAID and backups,” he added. eleven2 has also updated pricing on the dedicated server plans. The dedicated servers are available in fou...

“HybridCluster Allows Hosters to Differentiate, Sell New Services & Drive up Margins”- Luke Marsden, HybridCluster

There is something great about products and services that are developed by industry veterans to relieve their own pain points, to figure a way around the very problems they face day in and day out, and in the process build something that is a valuable contribution to the industry as a whole. This is where necessity, ingenuity, shortage and perspicacity hold hands in order to give birth to something that has substantial impact on the work cycle of the entire industry ecosystem. In May this year, when HybridCluster completed $1 millions fundraising and launched HybridCluster 2.0, I was supposed to prepare an Interview Questionnaire for Luke Marsden, CEO, HybridCluster. I knew little about the product at that time, but somewhere during my research work for the same, I decided that HybridClust...

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