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Progress Software Announces General Availability of Progress Pacific Application Platform-as-a-Service

Progress Software Corporation today announced general availability of  its application platform-as-a-service (PaaS) offering, Progress Pacific. Progress Pacific application platform-as-a-Service (aPaas) has new data connectivity and application capabilities and provides developers with flexibility that helps them avoid vendor lock-in and develop and deploy key business applications anywhere they want, including openstack, on-premise, hybrid, etc. The key data connectivity and application capabilities include: Progress DataDirect Cloud service: The new Progress DataDirect Cloud service enables applications to easily integrate data from popular SaaS, relational database, Big Data, social, CRM and ERP systems.  It has a standards-based SQL interface that works with any ODBC or JDBC compatible...

Progress Software Launches Progress Pacific Application Platform as a Service; Acquires Rollbase Inc

Progress Software Corporation  today announced launch of  Progress Pacific, an  Application Platform as a Service  for building and managing “connected apps” on any cloud, mobile or social platform.  With Progress Pacific, businesses and ISVs can to choose the data sources, deployment environments and business logic tools that best fit their needs. In addition to the new launch, Progress today also  announced  acquisition of  California-based Rollbase Inc.,  a privately held ISV.  Rollbase, Inc was recently named “One of the Cool Vendors in PaaS” by Gartner, Inc. Progress Software plans to incorporate Rollbase’s  technology with its products such as Progress DataDirect, OpenEdge and Corticon, and uniting them into one cloud-based platform. The whole aspect of developing an applicatio...

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