VMware Cloud IaaS provider Bit Refinery Launches a New Cloud Solution- vDev

Cloud infrastructure as a service provider Bit Refinery  today launched a new cloud solution – vDev™. The news comes two weeks after Bit Refinery launched it’s Disaster-Recovery-as-a-Service. With vDev™, companies can test applications and software in a full-feature VMware development environment swiftly and cost-effectively before deploying to Bit Refinery’s enterprise production platform.  Some other features of the new solution are: vCloud Director®. Public and private IP space. Layer 2 VPN connectivity. Snapshots with test-grade infrastructure. “Oftentimes, we have customers that need an environment to develop their products or need a non-production environment because what they are hosting isn’t mission critical,” said Brandon Hieb, Managing Partner, Bit Refinery. ‘With vD...

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