Open-Xchange Summit 2013

Phil Zimmermann to Open Open-Xchange Summit 2013 With a Keynote on Digital Privacy

Open-Xchange today announced that Phil Zimmermann, the creator of  Pretty Good Privacy (PGP) email encryption software will kick-off OX Summit 2013 on September 26 in Hamburg with his keynote “The NSA Revelations: Implications to Democratic Institutions and Personal Liberties”. Phil Zimmermann launched a new venture last year – Silent Circle – which enables encrypted phone, email, text and VoIP from a single platform. On August 9, 2013, Silent Circle announced that the Silent Mail service would be shut down, because the company felt it was not possible to sufficiently secure email data. Once the target of a Federal investigation himself, due to his controversial encryption technology, Phil will be describing the effects of PRISM and related programs on digital privacy in the current era in...

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