Oakley Capital Investments Limited

Plesk Acquired by Oakley Capital Private Equity for $105 Million

Plesk announced today that it has completed its separation from Parallels Holdings Limited having been acquired by mid—market private equity investor, Oakley Capital Private Equity (Oakley Capital), in a transaction valued at $105 million (€95.9 million). As an independent company and with Oakley Capital’s investment, Plesk will move beyond traditional web hosting into the hyperscale cloud. By forging a strong partnership with Automattic — who operate WordPress.com, Plesk anticipates becoming the market leader in WordPress management. Plesk will offer web professionals push-of-a-button access to advanced tools like Docker, support for microservices, and simplified cloud management. Jan Löffler, Chief Technology Officer, Plesk said in his statement, “The growing dominance of hyperscale clou...

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