Newly Launched CloudSigma 2.0 Features Private Patching, SSD Storage System & Advanced CPU Options

Infrastructure-as-a-Service provider CloudSigma today launched CloudSigma 2.0, a next-generation public cloud that enables high-performance hybrid environments. Some of the salient features of ClodSigma 2.0 are: CloudSigma 2.0 is a true benchmark in IaaS capability. We have eliminated contention and bottlenecks, created a new level of interoperability and hybrid cloud integration, and broadened the user’s ability to customize their service, all while maintaining our open and transparent model. – Robert Jenkins, CEO and co-founder, CloudSigma. Direct private patch capability: CloudSigma 2.0 has a  transparent private patching capability that allows customers to connect their own infrastructure directly to the vLANS within CloudSigma’s public cloud, all exposed via the same subnet. This sign...

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