Mohammed Naser

An Interview With Mohammed Naser, Chief Executive Officer, VEXXHOST

DailyHostNews just interviewed Mohammed Naser, Chief Executive Officer, VEXXHOST. Have a look what all he has to say about VexxHost and Openstack Cloud Computing. Q : What is your name and position with VexxHost? A : My name is Mohammed Naser and I am the current Chief Executive Officer at VEXXHOST. I am involved in the day-to-day business activities of VEXXHOST as well as working with our engineering teams to improve and add to the services that we offer to our customers. Since the launch of our OpenStack Cloud, we’ve seen a tremendous amount of spark of interest in cloud based services. We currently have offers for our cloud launch on all of our services with up to 50% discounts on hourly rates for cloud servers. – Mr.Mohammed Naser, CEO, VEXXHOST. Q : Tell us in brief about VexxHost? A ...

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