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How to Add Your Skype Contacts to Lync and Vice versa

Consumer reach of Skype + Enterprise richness of Lync =  Enhanced  communications experience around the world. Skype and Lync users can now connect with each other using the Lync-Skype connectivity. Since Lync’s use is rife among a majority of enterprises for IM, voice, video and meetings, Skype users can leverage it to reach a very wide  network of colleagues, partners and customers across organizations of all sizes. The initial set of features includes: Adding Skype contacts to Lync and vice-versa, enabling presence sharing Audio calling and instant messaging between Lync and Skype users Management settings for Lync administrators How can Skype users connect with their contacts on Lync? Two essential prerequisites for Skype users to connect with their  contacts on Lync are: The lat...

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