“We Make it Easy, Fast and Economical for SMBs to Move to the Cloud”- Steve Zimba, Mural

Cloud has of late been marketed heavily as the panacea to every potential business problem. Lured by the ease-of-use and agility moving to the cloud brings in the business processes, SMBs are very eager to buy cloud services. This creates an enormous opportunity for service providers in the market, and they try to exploit it very aggressively. Only, it’s not as easy as it seems. Most SMBs find cutting through the fog and hype surrounding the cloud very difficult and struggle to get to grips with the new concept. They’re intrigued by the cloud, but also confused and wary of it. Moving to the cloud involves a very large, expensive and difficult set of problems, and SMBs simply don’t have the skill, resources and most importantly, time to understand every nuance and permutat...

McAfee’s New Identity and Access Management Solutions Deliver Control and Security to the Cloud

We are focusing on several identity-related ‘hot spots’ and investing to help our customers and partners solve critical challenges and maintain business continuity and agility. – Pat Calhoun, SVP and GM, Network Security, McAfee. McAfee has added identity and access management solutions to its Security Connected portfolio in order to enable simple, safe, secure and compliant access to critical business information, including cloud-based applications while also  protecting against advanced malware and other hidden threats.  For a brief overview, some key features  of the new solution are: Single-sign-on Strong authentication Granular application control Web filtering Deep content inspection Advanced malware protection. McAfee identity and access management aims to help  businesses who use l...

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