Matt Russell Namecheap interview

“We believe in a free and open internet”-Matt Russell, Namecheap

For long, corporate entities have felt uber-cautious about getting into issues of public interest, as regardless of a company’s position, voicing support or opposition is guaranteed to spur some sort of public reaction. And why risk alienating some customers when you can simply stay mum and stick to your business? But rarely do we get to see the other side of the spectrum; i.e. the pleasant sight of companies that feel so passionately about an issue that they’re willing to share their opinion in the public sphere; howsoever risqué it may be. And Namecheap, a top-shelf American based ICANN registrar with 3 million domains is a bellwether when it comes to issues related to internet freedom and privacy. A vehement opponent of anti-privacy legislations for long, Namecheap further substantiated...

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