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iWeb Launches Fully-Managed Cloud Hosting Service Based on OpenStack

Infrastructure as a Service provider iWeb today launched a fully-managed Cloud hosting service based on OpenStack. First Openstack public cloud deployment in Canada and in the industry, the  newly launched  managed cloud service provides  guaranteed disk speed, worry-free system management, cloud elasticity, scalability and rapid deployment. The managed cloud servers are available in 5 packages, priced at $169 /mo (1 vCPU+1GB RAM) , $189 /mo (2vCPU+2GB RAM), $239 /mo (4 vCPU+4GB RAM), $289 /mo (6 vCPU+6GB RAM) and $339 /mo (8 vCPU+8GB RAM) . iWeb is providing 100% Server uptime guarantee, 100% functionality migration, 60-minute ticket update and 400 IOPS SSD storage. This is the cloud that our customers have asked for and our staff has been very excited to develop, test and now deploy. It ...

HOSTING Launches 360 Degree Report, a Business Insights Tool for Cloud Services

Managed cloud services provider HOSTING, has launched  ‘360 Degrees Report’ – a new business insights tool that provides visibility into HOSTING’s cloud services. Providing customers with a concise summary of  historical and predictive cloud information to  help optimize their environment in HOSTING’s cloud, 360 Degrees Report uses five tenets of ITIL service design: availability, performance, recovery, security and capacity. Earlier this year, dropped  the .Com and rebranded as HOSTING. 360° Report advances the cloud’s promise and delivers a level of intelligence that, until now, has been unavailable. This tool elevates cloud operations data to the boardroom with metrics correlated directly to what each customer values – not what others deem impor...

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