Logaholic Announces Official Release of Web Analytics Software Logaholic 4.1

Logaholic today announced the official release of Logaholic version 4.1 with several new features and improvements. Logaholic 4.1 offers lightning fast web analytics with tons of new features – Michael Erkelens, CEO,  Logaholic. Some of the key features of the new version are: A ‘Subscription manager’ which allows hosting providers to offer Logaholic to end-users with various report packages. A ‘Datamanager’ which keeps the database small and fast. Faster loading reports for high volume sites. Case sensitive search. Faster perl/php log analysis process. Ability to mail dashboards in PDF format on daily, monthly and weekly basis. Ability to create Inforgraphics. These are graphical representations of data centered around topics and can be scheduled for weekly emails....

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