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Web Hosting Provider LeaseWeb USA Launches Global Content Delivery Network

Global web hosting provider LeaseWeb today announced expansion of   its portfolio of hosting services with launch of a Content Delivery Network. Organizations that require a global high-bandwidth file delivery solution can utilize LeaseWeb’s CDN to distribute large files, stream live feeds or setup video on demand (VoD). The news comes two months after LeaseWeb released its Law Enforcement Transparency Report for 2012, becoming the first web hosting provider to do so. LeaseWeb’s CDN solution is housed within its global network of data centers to cache web and video files. When a web user requests information or clicks on a video, the CDN streams the content from the geographically closest server. By reducing the distance that data has to travel, LeaseWeb makes ultra-large video and file do...

LeaseWeb becomes First Web Hosting Provider to release a Law Enforcement Transparency Report

Global web hosting provider LeaseWeb today released its Law Enforcement Transparency Report for 2012 thereby becoming  as the first hosting provider to do so. The report sheds light on Government request received by LeaseWeb for customer information,forensic images, content removal and child abuse material. The news comes a fortnight after Leaseweb opened a new office in London. Leaseweb has refused direct requests from foreign authorities and released data in Netherlands, Germany and US where it maintains a physical presence. The report also disclosed impoundment of 60 servers of a large cloud storage provider by Dutch fiscal police under a Mutual Legal Assistance Treaty request from the US government. The figures mentioned above only include the instances in which LeaseWeb produced some ...

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