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Jelastic PaaS 1.9.1 Features CRON Scheduler, PostgreSQL 9.2.4 Support, NetBeans IDE Plugin and more

A fortnight after integration of its Java and PHP Cloud Platform with NetBeans IDE, Jelastic, Inc. today launched  Jelastic PaaS 1.9.1, an upgraded version of the same with new features, improvements and bug fixes. Capable of running virtually any Java or PHP application,   Jelastic does not require any code changes, and has extremely streamlined installation and configuration, which enables users to set up cloud environments in seconds, choose any of the major software stacks. New features and improvements: Config manager improvement:  Ability to set custom configurations for multiple application servers separately. Support for PostgreSQL 9.2.4:  Posgis module, which  adds support for geographic objects allowing location queries to be run in SQL has been enabled. Additional features inclu...

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