java and cloud hosting

Jelastic Java and PHP Cloud Platform now Integrated with NetBeans IDE, a Java development IDE

Exactly four days after Jelastic version 1.9.1’s full commercial  availability in Netherlands in partnership with, Jelastic platform today integrated with NetBeans IDE, an  IDE for Java development. A few days earlier, Jelastic became the first public PaaS to offer Apache TomEE and launched Jelastic V 1.9. A set of software development tools, the new Jelastic plug-in for the NetBeans IDE   simplifies the process of application management and development in the NetBeans IDE in the form of projects in the Jelastic platform. Now NetBeans IDE users have the ability to work with their Jelastic hosting, without having to ever leave their favorite development environment. – Dmitry Sotnikov, COO, Jelastic. Users thus can  access their development, test and production deployments,  g...

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