Jailed Shells

cPanel & WHM Version 11.38 Now in CURRENT Tier; Offers Backup Improvements and SSL Management

A month after the release of cPanel & WHM 11.36 to the STABLE tier, cPanel Inc. today announced the release of  cPanel & WHM software version 11.38. Releasing to the CURRENT tier as of now, cPanel & WHM 11.38 comes with major Backup System Improvements and enhanced  SSL Management, Jail shell, Mail system auto configuration, transfer speeds and more.  Here is a detailed overview of all the latest features available in 11.38: Backup System Improvements: Legacy Backup: Updated interface for the Backup Configuration screen in WHM’s Backup section. Backup User Selection:  An option to backup each account with either Legacy Backup Configuration, or the new Backup Configuration, or both. Timing Settings: Ability to choose when to run a backup. Files and Databases: Ability to ch...

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