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Intershop Collaborates With Rackspace to Deliver Intershop 7, an Agile E-commerce Platform

E-commerce solutions provider  Intershop is collaborating with  Rackspace to deliver Intershop 7, an  agile e-commerce platform hosted on a robust and high performance cloud infrastructure. The relationship between Intershop and Rackspace allows customers to easily expand e-commerce sales globally by leveraging Rackspace’s hybrid cloud capabilities in datacenters worldwide.The Rackspace hybrid cloud delivers the scalability and functionality critical for seasonal or event-based peaks, and Intershop offers the design capabilities necessary to react to these e-commerce requirements. – John Engates, CTO, Rackspace. Rackspace’s cloud portfolio coupled with Intershop’s e-commerce services will give customers the flexibility to choose the right solution for their unique business needs. The colla...

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