Serverloft To Provide 30 Minute Server Availability Guarantee, Traffic Flat rate & No Minimum Contract Term

Web hosting provider serverloft today announced that it now guarantees server availability within 30 minutes of order and that it is the first hosting company in Europe to do so. The 30 minutes availability is offered for all PerfectServer systems with a green traffic light icon, which is visible right next to the server offer. All PerfectServers are based on 19” brand name servers by HP and are pre-configured with optimally coordinated components. When servers are utilized commercially, fast availability can provide a key competitive edge. Furthermore, with us there is no minimum contract term, so our customers are also flexible in how long they use our server. – Jan-Jaap Jager, CEO, serverloft. The company also announced two other major innovations – the first one being a traffic-f...

Softaculous Launches Softaculous Remote and Softaculous Enterprise for Web Hosts with Custom Panels

Softaculous Remote and Softaculous Enterprise will now make it easier to integrate Softaculous into the custom panels developed by web hosts. – Pulkit Gupta, CEO, Softaculous. Softaculous Ltd. today announced the launch of two new products: Softaculous Remote and Softaculous Enterprise. The launch of two new products, designed for web hosting providers who don’t use standard panels like cPanel, Directadmin, and have their own custom panels, comes nearly a week after  Softaculous released Virtualizor 2.2.8. Softaculous has been very frequent in upgrading it’s wide range of products and in a recent interview with DailyHostNews, Mr. Pulkit Gupta, CEO, Softaculous said that  “INNOVATION was something we always banked upon and continue to.” “Softaculous Remote and Softaculous Enterp...

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