An Infographic: Magic Lantern, a Keystroke Logging Software Developed by the FBI

Magic Lantern is keystroke logging software developed by the United States’ Federal Bureau of Investigation. Variously described as a virus and a Trojan horse, it can be installed remotely, via an e-mail attachment or by exploiting common operating system vulnerabilities. It’s unclear whether Magic Lantern would transmit keystrokes it records back to the FBI over the Internet or store the information to be seized later in a raid. The FBI intends to deploy Magic Lantern in the form of an e-mail attachment. When the attachment is opened, it installs a trojan horse on the suspect’s computer. The trojan horse is activated when the suspect uses PGP encryption, often used to increase the security of sent e-mail messages. When activated, the trojan horse will log the PGP passwor...

An Inforgraphic: SMB Cloud Market across Asia Pacific to Reach US $19.8 billion in 2015

Asia Pacific SMB cloud services market opportunity  will reach US$19.8 billion in 2015, says the  Parallels Asia-Pacific SMB Cloud Insights  report. The huge growth will likely be due to the fact that a  majority of the SMBs across Asia-Pacific region prefer to go straight to the cloud, rather than installing in-house IT solutions. China and India with 3.3 million and 3.5 million SMBs respectively are expected to be the front-runners  for cloud services in Asia Pacific. The Infographic below summarizes the key findings of the report. However, country specific findings  for Asia-Pacific are: Australia Australian SMB market will reach AUD$1.5 billion in 2015, registering a  growth of AUD$630 million over the next three years. China China, as of September 2012, represented an  estimated marke...

An Infographic: How Secure is Your Website When Compared to Your PC?

Internet usage and web security go hand in hand. With the exponential growth of Internet traffic over the last decade, online security threats have grown by leaps and bounds too, and the recent flurry of WordPress attacks is a testament to it. The number of online accounts that get compromised on a daily basis clearly indicate that a great majority of  website owners isn’t particularly cautious about their website’s  security. Web Hosting provider HeartInternet recently conducted a research among small business website owners and home PC users to determine whether people take their website security as seriously as their PC security. Predictably, the answer is no! The survey reveals that only 65% small business website owners have anti-virus software installed on their computers...

100 Resourceful and Informative Web hosting Blogs you must Follow In 2013

A compilation of top 100 Web hosting blogs to follow in 2013.

An Infographic- What type of Web Hosting is Best for You?

One of the first  questions every website owner  faces is what type of Web Hosting is best for his website. The decision to choose between shared hosting, dedicated hosting, VPS hosting, Managed Hosting and  Hybrid Hosting is influenced by one major question: What type of site do you want to host? The Infographic below will help you get better hold of the idea.

An Infographic- How do Certification Authorities Issue SSL Certificates?

This Infographic sheds light on the steps taken by Certification Authorities for issuing the  green padlock and “https”.  Also included is information regarding  how a browser confirms the relevancy of an SSL certificate and the displays warning  for the websites which do not contain one.  You can learn more about SSL certificates and their working here and here.

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