“Jelastic Has Everything That Hosting Companies Need to Offer PaaS”- Dmitry Sotnikov, Jelastic

Java, the most widely used enterprise and e-Commerce language used in corporate computing, was specifically designed to have as few implementation dependencies as possible. It has, throughout its nearly two decades of worldwide usage, remained close to the “write once, run anywhere” (WORA) ideal that Sun Microsystems so ambitiously put across when it was first released in 1995. However, its efficiency has been tested of late with the advent of cloud computing. Not designed for applications to run in the cloud, Java does not support multitenant virtualized and cloud computing configurations natively. Java applications don’t scale well in the cloud, which creates a roadblock for enterprises and SMBs who need to rapidly adjust their IT resources to meet the fluctuating busin...

Liquid Technologies Ltd Starts Preparing To Release Liquid Studio 2013

Liquid Technologies have publicised the imminent release of the hottest version of their award winning software, Liquid XML Studio 2013 that is expected to be formally presented after February this month. The unveiling will come hot on the foot of the Liquid XML Studio 2013 ‘beta’ version which was unveiled earlier this year. The beta version has been extremely successful with a large amount of attention from Liquid Studio users as well as productive comments and suggestions, which the business has mentioned it’s enthusiastically pursuing and planning to combine the most appropriate suggestions into the formal 2013 release by the end of the month. At the start, we saw a niche market for data binding, but as we continued to speak and engage with our users, our product evol...

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