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Research Finds That A Majority of the UK Does Not Know What Web Hosting Is

A recent survey has found that over 60% of the UK’s general public do not know what web hosting is. The survey, conducted by UK Reseller web hosting company Heart Internet,  found that despite nearly 10% of the UK population owning their own website, “web hosting” is still not a common term for the general public. “What this tells us is that the web hosting industry isn’t fully mainstream yet and whilst a lot more people are exploring the idea of having their own website, we need to be careful that we use the right language and channels to reach them” said Jonathan Brealey, Director, Heart Internet. “For example, when selling to people building their very first website you shouldn’t try to seduce them with technical jargon. Instead tell them what they need to know and how the product will ...

60 percent of Gamers Experience Server Outages While Playing; 84 percent have Games Freeze on Them

According to a survey conducted by LeaseWeb at  Game Developers Conference San Francisco b/w  March 27, 2013 and March 29, 2013 which polled 100 gamers,  six out of 10 gamers experienced unplanned server outages while playing their favorite games,  and 84 percent  had games freeze or crash on them  in the middle of game-play.  The margin of error in survey is +/- 9.78 percentage points. Interrupted play tends to leave most gamers annoyed, and considering the rapid growth potential of the online gaming industry, investing in reliable infrastructure is becoming more important than ever. – Paul Grimwood, BDM, LeaseWeb. Other key findings of the survey are:  iOS is poised to nudge past the PC as the most popular gaming platform in 2013 by a 1 percent margin. 42 percent of gamers surveyed belie...

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