Hosted Exchange 2013

Fasthosts Internet Launches Hosted Microsoft Exchange 2013 Solution

Fasthosts today announced the launch of  Microsoft Exchange 2013. The hosted email platform will help SMBs increase their productivity levels and  reduce IT costs. Earlier this year, Fasthosts upgraded its dedicated server offering and launched SSD Dedicated DS1210 servers. Fasthosts advises all types of business to examine how their daily use of email is developing in relation to their business needs. With hosted email, many UK firms could benefit from greater efficiency, enhanced email accessibility and handling, increased levels of security as well as cost savings. – Claire Lewis, Marketing Director, Fasthosts Internet. Some of the salient features of  Fasthosts’ Microsoft Exchange 2013 offering are: 25GB and 50GB mailboxes. Ability to scale  mailboxes  on a monthly basis with fle...

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