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Hivelocity Now Offers Intel DC S3500 SSD On All Dedicated Servers

Hivelocity has announced that they now offer  Intel’s DC S3500 solid state drives with all new dedicated server offerings and are phasing out  their Intel 520 Series SSD inventory. There are ongoing promotions in place to unload the remaining 520 series drives the company has in stock as well as specials on the S3500 series. We are doing everything we can to entice customers to take an SSD over a traditional spinning disk.  The customers cannot believe the performance improvements they experience. The servers fly. – Barry Stetler, Engineer, Hivelocity. The news comes nearly three months after Hivelocity  added quad socket Intel Sandy Bridge E5-4600 systems to its dedicated server offerings. The new SSD product line has been designed by the engineers at Intel for the usage patterns and appl...

Hivelocity’s “Check Out My Server” Campaign Has Customers Requesting Personalized Pictures Of Their Servers

Known for coming up with innovative campaigns to drive customer interaction, Hivelocity has launched a new social media campaign targeting new and existing customers.  Earlier this year, Hivelocity  also held First Annual Parade of Racks Beauty Contest  at it’s data center. Titled “Check Out My Server,” the new social media campaign has an interesting premise. Via their Twitter, Facebook and G+ accounts, Hivelocity’s customers can request a personalized picture be taken of their dedicated server or even direct a 6 second Vine video at the server’s rack. “It recently dawned on me  that in our business the customers rarely get to see the product they are paying for.  This didn’t seem right to me.  For all the customer knows they are getting some dingy white box held togethe...

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