hivelocity datacenter tour

“We don’t want to simply be a monthly bill to our customers”-Steve Eschweiler, Hivelocity

“Support is great, hardware is great, network is great, speed is great and for dedicated servers the price is pretty darn good for the total package of quality.”- says this online review by techjr on a web hosting forum. “I believe what sums Hivelocity up best is what happened when we outgrew our server setup and asked for advice on an upgrade. Rather than try to sell us a more expensive package like most companies would do, we got techs assigned to us who went through, extensively, optimization procedures to try to get even more out of our current server without costing us a penny,” -says another one by Iain. A cursory glance on the web shows unanimous praise for Hivelocity′s service not only on their website but also on on discussion forums well outside their cont...

Web Host Hivelocity Adds New Live Order Tracking Feature

Dedicated server and infrastructure services provider Hivelocity, has announced the introduction of a new live order tracking feature within their myVelocity customer portal. This new feature allows customers to follow along and know exactly where Hivelocity is with their new order as well as watch live within the data center as their new server gets deployed. The Hivelocity Experience is something we work very hard to create for our customers. We are not just providing web servers, we are providing an over-the-top customer service experience. We liken the Hivelocity Experience to checking in at a 5 star hotel. From the moment you arrive you realize the staff and management team are working very hard to make the experience something fantastic and something special. The Hivelocity Experienc...

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