Hardware as a service

Phoenix NAP Expands Secured Servers and HaaS Offerings to its Ashburn Data center

Phoenix NAP yesterday announced that its  Secured Servers offering  with firewall and storage capabilities and Hardware-as-a-Service offering will now be available out of  its East Coast data center in Ashburn, Virginia.  Phoenix NAP expanded its  Secured Servers Offering to Ashburn earlier this year.  Designed for both start-up companies and  established enterprises, Phoenix NAP’s HaaS solution provides customers with flexible lease options for servers, RAM, HDDs, Raid cards,  Racks, PDUs, Cable Managers,  Network Switches etc. and is available at company’s Ashburn and Phoenix data center.  Secured Servers clients can  also take advantage of the company’s firewall and storage options in both locations. Expanding our offerings to our various data centers around the globe not on...

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