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Novosoft Announces Release of Handy Backup 7.4.1 With Modifications of Business Editions of the Software

Novosoft yesterday announced release of  Handy Backup 7.4.1 with  modifications of business editions of the software which will improve efficiency of centralized backup of business data. The update to 7.4.1 from any edition of Handy Backup 7 is free. The news comes a few days after  Novosoft LLC  launched an add-on for Handy Backup that helps users back up PostgreSQL databases. In this release we’ve brought to life a great number of features to make the program more agreeable to customer’s needs. The updated version contains new functions designed to make the remote interaction with the program easier than before. – Aleksey Dolgushev, Business Development Head, Handy Backup. Handy Backup 7.4.1 features an  enhanced control panel of Network Server edition that allows corporate users to inst...

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