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Google Launches World’s First TabletCafé in West Africa

Google has sponsored a cybercafe in West Africa to replace desktops with tablets. Named by Google as  TabletCafé, The Equinox cybercafé in Dakar, West Africa has its computers  replaced by 15 tablets, and made them available at  300 XOF an hour (about $0.60) – the same price as a regular cybercafe computer session. On starting a session on the tablet, the  customers will have a set of  popular applications and shortcuts to the most visited local websites ready for immediate use. They can also download any application of their choice. “We look forward to finding out as the project unfolds, and hope that people living in Dakar will stop by to try out something new,” said Google in an official blogpost. As evident in the pictures, the device can be used comfortably seated on...

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