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GlobalSign Now Offers Free Wildcard SSL Certificates for Open-Source Projects

Enterprise SaaS Certificate Authority GlobalSign  today announced that it will now be  providing free SSL Certificates for qualified open-source projects. The new service aims to encourage the use of SSL in application development and the growth of security best practices. We believe this effort will not only help the developers and users of open-source projects but also encourage the adoption of industry best-practices in the use of SSL. – Ryan Hurst, CTO, GlobalSign. Open-source projects will be eligible to receive one free Wildcard SSL Certificate valid for as long as the project meets minimum requirements, which are as follows: The software  project must  be licensed with a license approved by the Open Source Initiative. The software  project must actively maintain secure SSL configura...

GlobalSign Demonstrates new SSL Technology & Practices for Hosting Companies at WHD’13

 GlobalSign, one of the longest established Certification Authorities (CA) and specialists in SSL Partner Programs, today announced its most recent initiatives as part of its big picture strategy to break down the barriers faced by hosting companies for mass adoption and usage of SSL security. World Hosting Days 2013 (March 19-21) in Rust Germany will see the company demonstrate to partners new technology and practices that solidify how GlobalSign is doing more than any other CA to improve the SSL ecosystem. GlobalSign’s aim has always been to facilitate SSL reselling for hosting companies of all sizes. But we are aware that each of them face different issues and that SSL processes can become labor-intensive and costly. Our partners benefit from innovations that are customised to ans...

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